The fight is on to catch the attention of your ideal audience.  The noise is loud, content is swarming our feeds, and nothing is more attention grabbing than video.  Not convinced?  How many times in the past week have you watched a video on Facebook, or searched for something on Google and chose the video result? If you did, you’re not alone; 100 million people watch online video each day.  Some are looking for crazy cats, but there are still plenty of those millions looking for advice on how to do something, make something, understand something, buy something… and video engages and compels in a way that no other marketing tactic can achieve.

Whether it’s a corporate sales piece (without the hard sale), a conference video, a CSR story, a film to support a bid or award nomination, a get-to-know-us piece, testimonials, vox pops, shorts for social media, or an internal training film… our videos put storytelling at their heart. Our goal is to engage the hearts and minds of your audiences so that they take action.  Oh and we also shoot on 4K.  Read our blog: What the 4K is going on? A bluffer’s guide to all the fuss.

Here are some examples of recent filming projects:

Product launch film

A film that was shown at the world-wide press conferences to re-launch the Nissan Qashqai.

CSR story

A film made for Skanska Infrastructure Development and social enterprise Arrival Education on their partnership, an emotional look at how they are genuinely changing lives.

Conference video

This film was made for i-FM showcasing their annual conference Workplace Futures. It showed those that didn’t attend what they’d missed, with the strategy of encouraging them to sign up for next year.

Similar to the film on Workplace Futures, this film covered the annual Women in FM conference.

Get to know us better

This film was shot for Anabas FM, an interview with their CEO, which says more about the business than pages of web or brochure copy ever could.

Testimonial videos

Nobody can say how good you are, better than your customers. We make testimonial films and here’s an example of what our own customers had to say about us.

To keep costs at a minimum, we often tag on testimonial videos to other recordings and then edit them together later. Here’s an example of a testimonial video we created at the same time as filming the Workplace Futures conference (above), which only incurred editing costs.

Tiger Mouth Talk

Tiger Mouth Talk was our project with publisher i-FM, where we interviewed leaders in the FM industry, and published the videos through a dedicated website and via social media. It helped the industry see the real stories behind these people’s success, what motivated them, and what they believe in.  This is a service that we can offer companies who want to show themselves to be at the forefront of their industry, by creating a video series of their own movers and shakers. To watch the series, click here.

Next steps

We have many more examples of our films, which can’t all be shown here, but we’ll be happy to give you a private viewing when we meet to discuss your next filming project. To get that meeting in the diary, contact me now for an initial chat.

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