Tiger Mouth Talk was created in 2014, as a free video portal, to give people interested in the facilities management (FM) industry the opportunity to meet the people behind it.  FM is a big, diverse and complex sector, in which a huge variety of people with different backgrounds and specialisms operate – all of whom have a rich and unique story to tell.

This series of videos present the best and brightest minds working in FM today.  We interviewed the people that are shaping the industry, looking behind the personalities to find out what FM means to those living and breathing it every day.Our goal was to demonstrate that corporate videos needn’t be the dull, stale or partisan puff pieces they so often are, but original, engaging and intimate windows into the world of the people that are having a profound impact on their profession.  We believe that when it comes to engaging in audience, video is one of the best tools available.  We hope we’ve demonstrated that through this project.

Tiger Mouth Talk was created in partnership with our friends at i-FM.

If you’d like to create a video series like this, bringing together the people at the forefront of your industry, then get in touch to discuss.

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