Large projects attract multiple stakeholders, all with different interests. We keep the message consistent, but adapted to the specific needs of each stakeholder group.

What we offer:

Strategy – agree clear objectives for the programme, review past activity and outcomes, agree how stakeholders will be identified and prioritised.

Mapping – identify and prioritise stakeholders, understand current opinion and aspirations for the project.

Plan – create the messaging framework and communications plan, and identify channels for each audience type.

Create – the agreed content, which may include: project branding, information booklets, newsletters, vox pop videos, exhibition material, media information, social media account creation, polulation and monitoring.

Analyse – monitoring of activity, engagement and reach; using the data to inform the evolution of the programme.

As with all our services, our approach is to give you a completely flexible solution. You can hire Tiger Mouth to do it all for you, or you can pick the bits you’d prefer to outsource, and if required, we’ll give you training where you need it. 

If you’re interested to find out more or are ready to get started then get in touch with Christine Jones for an informal chat.