Service: Social media and employee advocacy

Client: Mitie Client Services

The challenge
In 2012 this front of house business was keen to get involved with social media. They had a lot of written material that was used for internal training purposes, and felt this could be used as a basis for their content. The MD of the business asked Tiger Mouth to use it as the start of their social journey.

The solution
We started by creating a blogging platform, a simple site that complemented the parent company’s brand. We also set up a Twitter account and helped the senior team with their LinkedIn profiles. Then we started to blog weekly, a practice that has continued to the present day.

Wanting to expand the message beyond the existing training material, we worked with the teams to gather wider content across a range of subjects. This required training people at all levels in the business.  We worked 1-2-1 with the senior management, gave group training to help people get into the ‘social’ mind-set, and gave specific blog training. To help people get involved, we felt it necessary for them to understand the ‘what’s in it for me’, and so we rolled out a training programme across the business on personal branding, helping people to establish their own brand for their own future success, and supporting the business along the way. This went on to become a full employee advocacy programme.

In addition to the weekly blogs and training provided, we also ran Twitter campaigns throughout the year in support of relevant national days, such as National Receptionists’ Day and World FM Day.

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