Are you diluting your company brand by allowing your staff to tweet?

I was recently asked by a boutique consultancy business if having their staff tweet individually, rather than everything going through the corporate Twitter account, would dilute the company brand.  I thought it was an interesting question, and here are my thoughts.

My take on this is absolutely not.  By having your teams sharing their expertise with the world will show the deep knowledge held within your organisation, and allow each person to build their own communities, resulting in a much wider network than if it were all going through one, corporate account.

And, let’s face it, corporate Twitter accounts can be quite dull.  I’d much rather follow a real person with a point of view, than a faceless organisation.

Even if your subject-matter experts all specialise in the same thing, their information flow will be nuanced and specific to their style of communication.  But, if the areas of expertise cover multiple subjects, you can spread your knowledge seed far and wide.

But how does the ‘corporate’ capitalise on this?  I would suggest that whoever manages the corporate Twitter account creates a list including all of the team members.  This should be checked regularly, so that the individual activity can be retweeted by the corporate account.  This way you will still be sharing everyone’s juicy content, but it will be richer and more diverse, than if you waited for them to tell you something to say.

The team members can also subscribe to the list, so that they can see what their colleagues are talking about, and share content that may be relevant to their own audiences.  They should also include a link to the company Twitter account in their bio, and a link to the company website.

This approach gives everyone the freedom to develop their own voice and communities, whilst still allowing for plenty of cross-fertilisation across the organisation.

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By Christine Jones, Tiger Mouth