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… stories that will emotionally engage the people you want to reach, and we tell them through the medium(s) best suited to you.

Our work covers:
  • Video production
  • Social media management and training
  • Digital
  • Branding
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Personal branding
  • Personal styling
Video production

Our video work covers everything from high-end productions with full crews, to simpler yet still beautifully shot interviews and video blogs (vlogs) with a self-shooting director, and everything in between.  As long as we can find a story to tell, we can make you an engaging film, covering every aspect of the process from initial concept to final delivery, and its promotion, if required.  See examples of our video work on our portfolio page.

Social media

We will help you develop your social strategy, provide training for you and your teams, develop your campaign and content, and deliver and measure it.  If you want to get started with social media, or if you want to improve what you’re already doing, we can help.  See examples of our social media work on our portfolio page.


We create websites that look great, get your message across in the least number of clicks, are easy to use and update, and are social media and SEO friendly.  We cover everything from corporate websites, blog sites, membership sites, and web portals. We help you develop your digital strategy, opt-ins and overall digital presence.  We also work with talent app designers should you require a one-off creation or an app-version of your website. See examples of our digital work on our portfolio page.


We help you to define your brand, whether you’re a new organisation or department, or simply need to rethink what your brand stands for.  Once we’re all agreed, we can help you develop and promote your brand through the creation and delivery of online and offline marketing materials, such as brochures, adverts, leaflets, stationery, etc.

Hear what Julie Kortens at Channel 4 says about working with Tiger Mouth on branding.

Stakeholder engagement

If you need to communicate with multiple stakeholders, we can help.  Christine has spent 10 years working with public private partnerships and so really understands this world and all of the intricacies involved. We work with you to identify your audiences, research their current opinion of you (this could be your workforce, clients, investors, the local community, the political environment, etc), develop your messages, create your communications strategy, and deliver and measure it, working alongside any relevant partner organisations.

Hear what Jane Sansome, former CEO of Capital Hospitals says about working with Tiger Mouth on stakeholder engagement.

Personal branding

In today’s online world, your personal brand is everything.  We help you to delve inside yourself, and decide what your personal brand should look and sound like, and then help you get it out to your audiences.  This could be through a thought leadership campaign, helping you with your online persona (tip: it should match your real personality), or simply helping you to find your next ideal job.

Hear what Debra Ward, managing director of Mace Macro says about working with Tiger Mouth to develop her personal brand.

Personal styling

As part of our personal branding service, mentioned above, we can also help with your personal style.  If you’re looking for, or just found your next dream job, now might be the time to have a wardrobe refresh.  Working with a master stylist, she will help you find the colours that make you sparkle all year round, use science to choose the best styles for you, encourage you to throw out all those clothes that do nothing for you, and even take you shopping to put that spring back in your step.  We promise, it’s an experience that will leave you feeling a million dollars.

If you want to get started, or just want to find out more head on over to the contact page and let’s starting talking.

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