Are you giving away too much IP through your content marketing?

Talk to a room full of consultants about content marketing and you’ll feel the shudders as they contemplate giving away their IP through blogs, vlogs, social media posts and the like.  The thought of giving away what you normally charge for, and allowing your competitors to get insight into what you do, can be so off-putting that it can bring a screeching halt to becoming a ‘social’ business.

Yet it’s great content, demonstrating your expertise and deep knowledge in a subject, that will position you as the leader in your field.  The more you share freely, without appearing ‘salesy’, the more respect, and in turn business, you will attract.

Not everyone who sees your content will ever be in a position to become a customer.  Some may stitch your advice together and do it for themselves; but you’ll be front-of-mind when asked to recommend a great supplier in your field.  However, most will simply be inspired and/or reassured that you are the type of business they want to work with, giving you the edge over your non-social, non-sharing competitors.

Ask yourself, who would you rather do business with?

Company A: The business whose core team is regularly sharing content about their subject matter, with viewpoints, how to guides, easy to understand guides on latest legislation/products/industry developments, etc.

Company B: The business that shares little or no information and therefore offers no insight to their expertise and their people.

Good luck if your answer is B.  But consider this, you’re reading this blog aren’t you?  Don’t you feel you know me a little better as a result?

Go ahead, work out what you and your teams know and develop a plan for sharing it.  And give away great stuff, then your future customers can only wonder what goodies they’ll get when they sign up to work with you.

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By Christine Jones, Tiger Mouth