You already know that your people are your greatest asset, and therefore they should form an important part of your marketing and communications strategy.  Everyone has a network, of sorts – spanning generations, regions and countries – making the world smaller than we realise, and smaller still when you include social media into the mix.

Encouraging your workforce to be part of your social strategy isn’t always easy. We work with you and your teams to create a culture of Employee Advocacy.  Once the strategy and brand is in place, we get everyone on message; we help them to understand what’s in it for them personally, we get everyone up to speed on how to most effectively use the social networks, we identify and work with ‘champions’ who will lead the charge, and we deliver content they’ll want to share.  We’ll even work with your specialists to develop the content, with the added bonus that they can use to build their own personal brand.

The result, your employees will be sharing your messages with their networks, getting the message distributed much further than you could on your own.

“Our social media programme, supported by Tiger Mouth, has evolved into employee advocacy as more and more of our team members get involved in blogging and tweeting and sharing their experiences to amplify our message. This has enabled us to show a genuinely authentic voice, and lets the personalities of our people shine.”
Julia Orr, Head of Communications, Mitie Client Services

Next steps

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