A smart digital programme will draw more people to your business, cause or passion.

What we offer:

Plan – identifying your objectives and dream customer(s), developing your message and the strategy for your digital programmes.

Set up – of your digital platforms: website, blog, email service, social media accounts; including artwork creation.

Create – your content plan, keyword identification, and your content in the form of e-newsletter, blogs, videos, eBooks, opt-in offers, competitions, surveys, and of course your social posts.

Share – your message across your networks.

Analyse – monitoring of activity of your digital programme, engagement and reach; using the data to inform the evolution of the programme.

How we work:

We work in three ways:

Advice – if you’re willing and able to run the programme yourself, but just need advice on how to approach any or all aspects of digital programmes, then we’re happy to guide you, answer your questions and review any of your work as you develop your programme.

Created for you – we’ll work with you initially to scope the project, and then get on with building, creating and promoting. Of course, you’ll be involved at every step, have sign-off on every decision and piece of content, but we’ll do all the heavy lifting.

Combination – if you want help delivering some aspects of your digital programmes, such as the website, or video production, or blog writing; and advice on other areas, such as how to set up an email service, then we’ll create a programme that combines the right mix for you.

Debra Ward, Facilities Management Entrepreneur


"I originally came across Tiger Mouth through Liz Kentish. I just saw what Christine was able to do with social media, online PR, Faceblook, blogging; and really propel Liz into the limelight. Within a year, everyone knew who Liz Kentish was, and I thought I need some of that, quickly. That’s how it began, and of course now the Tiger Mouth team has expanded with the filming, PR, the comm’s, the writing; it’s all a total package, and I really truly believe that in today’s age, you can’t afford not to get more involved in those areas.”

Debra Ward, Entrepreneur

As with all our services, our approach is to give you a completely flexible solution. You can hire Tiger Mouth to do it all for you, or you can pick the bits you’d prefer to outsource, and if required, we’ll give you training where you need it. 

If you're interested to find out more or are ready to get started then get in touch with Christine Jones for an informal chat.