Our work spans many communication disciplines. Here you can view a small selection of the projects we've supported, including the creation of a YouTube channel, video and design projects, social media and employee advocacy, and a large stakeholder engagement programme.

The Douglas Anderson Show

YouTube channel and digital programme

The challenge
The Douglas Anderson Show is a YouTube channel, featuring the talented Douglas Anderson interviewing celebrities from the world of music, comedy and film. It is supported creatively by SoTV (the people that bring us The Graham Norton Show). A cameraman/editor/producer completes the small line-up. Despite the great talent in the team, they needed someone to take their films and put them online, develop their digital strategy, and create a buzz for the show.

The solution
Tiger Mouth was hired on a six-month contract to make this happen. The first step was to create the brand, and set up all the social channels, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Instagram. This was supported with a website, and sign-up service. Once the look and feel was established, we started publishing and promoting the interviews. We ensured that great care was taken to code each film to give them the best chance of impacting YouTube's algorithm. Our approach was applauded by the senior management at YouTube, who said our coding was 'excellent'. 

We promoted each film using social media. We established a format and created a detailed 'how-to' guide, so that the team could carry on and build on the foundation we provided.



Douglas Anderson interviewing Vin Diesel

Mitie Client Services

Social media and employee advocacy

The challenge
In 2012 this front of house business was keen to get involved with social media. They had a lot of written material that was used for internal training purposes, and felt this could be used as a basis for their content. The MD of the business asked Tiger Mouth to use it as the start of their social journey.

The solution
We started by creating a blogging platform, a simple site that complemented the parent company’s brand. We also set up a Twitter account and helped the senior team with their LinkedIn profiles. Then we started to blog weekly, a practice that has continued to the present day.

Wanting to expand the message beyond the existing training material, we worked with the teams to gather wider content across a range of subjects. This required training people at all levels in the business.  We worked 1-2-1 with the senior management, gave group training to help people get into the ‘social’ mind-set, and gave specific blog training. To help people get involved, we felt it necessary for them to understand the ‘what’s in it for me’, and so we rolled out a training programme across the business on personal branding, helping people to establish their own brand for their own future success, and supporting the business along the way. This went on to become a full employee advocacy programme.

In addition to the weekly blogs and training provided, we also ran Twitter campaigns throughout the year in support of relevant national days, such as National Receptionists’ Day and World FM Day.



Film to promote the re-launch of the Qashqai for worldwide press conferences

The challenge
Nissan was about to launch the latest version of its successful Qashqai car. They needed a film for the press events that would take place across the world, and wanted the film to be shot in a documentary format, unlike anything they’d tried before.

The solution
Working with our partners at Bose Collins, we created a film that wasn’t about making a car, rather about the blood, sweat, tears and love that went into building it. The film includes interviews with the senior management, vehicle development, product planning, design, and sales and marketing. It beautifully captures the genuine excitement about the car and its success.  Watch the film to see a great example of storytelling.


Barts Health NHS Trust

New hospital handbook

The challenge
The first phase of the new Royal London Hospital was due to open in just over a month. The Trust urgently needed a document for staff to help them navigate the three-tower, 17 storey building, and the project’s communications manager had just gone on maternity leave. They needed someone that understood the project to take on the task of creating a booklet, which would include information about the new hospital, as well as detailed maps of the entire estate. At that point, nothing had been written, and maps only existed as hand-drawings.

The solution
Tiger Mouth took the brief with just four weeks to go until the new hospital opened for business. We quickly understood what was required, pulled the information from all available sources, and put our graphic designer to work creating the maps, and the booklet. It was a tight timeline, but with great communications between all parties, we all worked tirelessly to achieve it.

The printed booklets were delivered on time. The 52-page document, was beautifully designed, easy to follow and included simple instructions to help everyone quickly understand how to work in and navigate around their new hospital. The maps were detailed and yet easy to follow. Everyone was thrilled with what we achieved together.


Barts new hospitals booklet

The Cup Effect

Charity website

The challenge
The Cup Effect is a new charity that was set up to promote the benefits of menstrual cups to women in girls living in poverty, who do not have access to menstrual products, thus reducing their quality of life. A website was needed to help launch the charity, and show the breadth of their work and their mission.

The solution
Tiger Mouth was hired to create the website. We worked with the charity’s founder, to map out, design and populate a stunning site that uniquely positioned her in the market. It is colourful, reflects the founder's personality, straight to the point, and compelling.


Capital Hospitals

Stakeholder engagement programme

The challenge
In 2009, the £1.1bn PFI project to build two new hospitals (Barts and The Royal London) for Barts Health NHS Trust, was well underway. The private sector consortium, delivering the project, knew that communications would be a central component in the successful delivery of the project. Borrowing help where they could, one of the Board's directors recommended Tiger Mouth to help structure a communications strategy and assist with its delivery.

The solution
We started by understanding all of the key stakeholders' positions, from the Board of Directors, the client, their communications team and the wider community. Instead of working in parallel with the Trust, we assisted them, filling gaps in their team to help get things moving. Together, we created the communications strategy that would see us through the full construction, mobilisation and occupation phases.

We created a wide range of communication materials to support the programme, including: a briefing document (bringing together, for the first time, all of the information about the project as a handout), annual reports, facilities management user guides, articles for the press, photography, exhibition material, presentation material, hoardings, a quarterly newsletter, to name but a few.

We were there every step of the way, working closely with the Trust and all of the consortium partners to ensure that communications were plentiful and all stakeholders felt comfortable with every aspect of the project. Once the buildings became occupied, Tiger Mouth continued to work with Capital Hospitals, producing a regular newsletter aimed to Trust staff highlighting the work of the consortium partners, how to get things done, new initiatives, innovations and staff profiles.



Skanska Infrastructure Development

Film to promote community involvement

The challenge
Skanska wanted to make a film that highlighted the amazing work they do in partnership with the social enterprise Arrival Education; a project called Success for Life. They wanted to show that they genuinely care about the communities in which they work, and demonstrate this through real stories, of how the programme was touching lives for the better.

The solution
Tiger Mouth was hired to tell the compelling stories of the young people involved with Success for Life. We featured two main stories, included interviews with the people from Skanska and Arrival Education to help frame the narrative, and shot lots of B-Roll from an event.  The result... see for yourself.


This is a small selection of our work. For more examples or if you're ready to get started contact Christine Jones.