Become a thought leader with your best content

I was recently chatting to a consultant, who works in a very niche area of marketing.  He had recently written a book on his specialist subject.  An expensive exercise, as he’d worked with a ghost writer and self-published in hard back.  Yet, he had no ambitions of selling many, if any, copies.

He told me that when he goes to see a potential customer, at a well-timed moment, he reaches into his bag, pulls out a copy of his book and asks them if they’d like a free copy of the book he wrote about the subject they’re discussing.

“Everything changes when I do that”, he said.  “I’m no longer just the schmuck who’s in there trying to sell something, I’m a published author, a real expert in what I do.  Suddenly, they’re trying to ingratiate themselves to me.”

With the high value customers that this particular consultant targets, this approach has been worth it.  It may be a step too far for most, but the principles of sharing your knowledge can work for everyone, whatever your ambitions.  It may be that you’re part of a team wanting to show the breadth of your experience and knowledge in your organisation.  It may be that you personally want to position yourself as a thought leader to stand out over and above other job hunters.

Social media has given us all a platform to be thought leaders.  From the smallest way of being active on Twitter, regularly sharing tips around your specialism, to writing blogs, having a YouTube channel, to writing eBooks.  Using your knowledge to create content will help you get noticed and gain respect from the people you want to influence.


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By Christine Jones, Tiger Mouth