An overview of Blab – the new social conversational platform

It’s not very often I get excited about a new social platform, but since discovering my mind has been whirring with the possibilities it offers to entrepreneurs, corporates, and really anyone with a message.

Blab is a video-streaming, conversational platform; combining the best of Periscope, Meerkat and Google Hangouts.  It enables you to host a live conversation with up to four people, which can be watched by anyone; people to who come across your Blab, and/or those that you invite.

There is plenty of information on the Blab website that tells you how to getting blabbing, and other blogs for that matter.  What I’d like to do here is talk about some of the great features it offers, and how the tool can add value to your content strategy:

The people in the conversation can change

You need at least two people for a Blab to be successful, but can have up to four.  If not all of the ‘seats’ are taken, your audience can ask to join in.  If you agree, they will join the conversation and will be streamed-in directly.  Anyone can duck out at any time, and new people can join adding real depth to the conversation.

You can record your Blab

Whilst the Blab is streamed in real-time, you can also opt to record it.  Shortly after your Blab concludes you’ll be sent a video file of the event and an embed code.  You can upload it to YouTube, or your video platform of choice, and/or you can embed it directly into your website, giving you a piece of content to promote to your online communities.

You can live-stream your Blab into your website

As of yesterday, the company made it possible to host your Blab directly from your website.  This is a brilliant additional feature, as you have your audience in the place where they can actually start to do business with you.  It’s also particularly good for corporate organisations, who want to keep tighter control of where they appear.

Your audience can ask questions and comment on the Blab

There is a panel for your audience to ask questions of the Blabbers, making it very interactive, without them being brave and streaming-in.

Your audience can live-tweet

Blab is closely aligned with Twitter enabling you to amplify your conversation through the social network, bringing in new audiences to the conversation. 

So how can running a Blab add value to your content strategy? 

Blab helps you to fast-track the know me, like me, follow me approach to social networking; as people get to see and hear from the real you in a personal way.  You can quickly broaden your reach through the social media integration, and prove you are ‘the expert’ because you’re on-the-spot.  You can run a one-off blab on a specific topic, which you can go on to use as piece of content.  Or you could choose to run a weekly show around your area of expertise.  Some thoughts on how you could use it:

  • Ask the Experts – get a few people from your organisation or industry together and host an Ask the Experts session. Let people ask you anything about your niche and prove you’re the go-to people in that space.
  • Discuss industry developments – has a new piece of legislation come out that people don’t really understand, or are there new emerging technologies? Whatever it is, Blab gives you an easy-to-use platform to add some value to your online community.
  • Interviews – with complimentary brands, partner organisations, or anyone that can strengthen your own message. Show yourself to be the curator of interesting people that your audience want to hear from.
  • New products – discuss a new product that you’re launching, what it is, how it works, why people need to know about it. Do it early on, and you can use their input and feedback to help with its development, as well as build a following pre-launch.
  • Competitions/challenges – probably more for a consumer audience, but you can run real-time challenges with your customers, where they compete from their kitchen, the gym, or whatever fits!

Blab is still in Beta mode, so features are being added all of the time.  The buzz so far is very positive and early adopters seem to be enjoying the new tool.

I love the informality of it, but have been surprised by the way some people show up for their Blabs.  I saw one lady in her dressing gown, and a few others that forgot about clothes completely.  It’s important to remember that you’re still representing your personal and/or or company brand!

Give it a try and let me know what creative uses you find to Blab.

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By Christine Jones, Tiger Mouth

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