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What is Tiger Mouth?

We know that the thought of going ‘social’ can give you the shivers, and so Tiger Mouth is here to help you not only do it, but to be successful at it too.  But that’s not all, (sadly) we’re not kids any more, we’ve been communicating for quite a few years and our experience is steeped in more traditional marketing methods.  We combine it all to give you the best advice and solution for you.  So whether you’re a company that needs a helping shove, or if you want to take control of your personal brand, to keep you ahead of your job-hunting competition, talk to us and let’s see how we can help you move forward.

What kind of work do you do?

Social Media. Video. Websites. Digital Campaigns. Branding. Personal Branding. Stakeholder Engagement. Everything you need to have you swinging through the digital (and non-digital) worlds with confidence and ease. We give you training, create campaigns, and we’ll deliver and measure them.  Not sure what’s right for you? Don’t fret, we’ll help with the strategy too. Whatever we agree to do, it will be a bespoke programme just for you that’ll have your ideal audiences wanting more and more.

Who do you do it for?

Anyone that touches facilities management, construction and infrastructure finance is likely to be a great fit with us, particularly when it comes to strategy and needing us to know the right people. We also do plenty of work with other professional services organisations and we work entrepreneurs. But if it’s video you’re after, we can make it for anyone, as long as there’s a story to tell… and there always is!

Why did you call yourself Tiger Mouth?

RoqueWe felt that the Eye of the Tiger and Tiger Feet were getting all of the airplay and we wanted the ‘mouth’ to get some action too. OK that’s not quite true. We just love tigers, and anything we can do to raise awareness and play our small part in helping to prevent them becoming extinct feels like a good thing to do. Did you know that when you become a customer, we’ll adopt a tiger for you? Find our more here about our support of the Born Free Foundation and their tigers Roque and Jasper. Oh, and the mouth bit, well that’s about communications!

Who’s behind Tiger Mouth?

Tiger Mouth was set up in 2008 by Christine Jones. Since then, the team has grown and we operate on a networked associate basis, which we think is a really smart way to get things done. Mark Allen joined us in 2013 to head up our video business. You can find out more about us below.

Christine Jones 2Meet Christine Jones

Christine started her communications career working for a London-based PR consultancy. After two years of paying her dues, she was poached by a client who needed someone to rebrand their European business following an MBO. The project saw Granada Computer Services become Synstar International, and once completed Christine stayed with the company quickly rising the ranks. She masterminded all of the company’s PR activity and managed agencies in 12 countries, as well as acting as country marketing manager in Ireland, France, Belgium, Netherlands, and Spain. After three years in the role, the company listed on the London Stock Exchange and Christine was made head of investor relations and communications for the Group.

After six years with Synstar, she moved to John Laing plc, where she headed the Group’s marketing and communication function. As well as corporate marketing, she created what she calls a ‘crisis aware culture’ and managed all of the crisis-situations for the Group, its partners, and investments. It’s this experience that ensures that the social media campaigns that she runs today keep everyone’s reputation in tact. She also worked on individual investment projects providing communications support, which became a platform for today’s infrastructure clients who want support with stakeholder engagement strategy and delivery.

Five years later, Christine created Tiger Mouth. It was late 2008, which coincided not only with the credit crunch, but also with the awakening of social media. Seizing the opportunity, she made Tiger Mouth the go-to company for advice and support in social media, as well as more traditional marketing and stakeholder engagement. When Mark Allen joined the business in 2013 the story became more complete, enabling Tiger Mouth to offer a more comprehensive digital offering.

Mark AllenMeet Mark Allen

Mark is first and foremost a storyteller. He can always find the story that you’re trying to tell and that’s what sets him apart from other film makers. He just can’t bring himself to make a dull film, even if that’s what the client wants, because let’s face it you don’t always know what’s best for you. The stories he tells connect with the heart and make audiences want to get closer.

He is a BAFTA nominated film producer and director. He started his career as a journalist (just ask him to tell you the stories about working on local radio and day time TV – if you’ve got a day to spare), and then became a producer for BBC news and current affairs. One of his first shows ‘The Sound of Music Children’ won a Royal Television Society award. Later, his multi-award winning ‘Born to Boogie’ DVD on the work of Marc Bolan was described by the trade press as the ‘best music DVD to date’. He has also directed a number of prime time TV shows.

And, there’s more we have access to some of the best talent around, for web design and coding, app development, cameramen and photographers. We bring in the right person for each job, based on what you need and your budget. We also have a core team of support, and here they are:

Ruth CampbellRuth Campbell – Project Manager

Ruth is responsible for the production management of our clients’ projects. Ruth enjoyed a successful career in TV production, working for the BBC, Channel 5, The Discovery Channel and MTV. She has also launched and runs an online business, marketed entirely through social media. She keeps all of the projects on schedule, managing our suppliers and keeping our clients up-to-date

Hannah ChamberlainHannah Chamberlain – Writer, Film-Maker, Storyteller

Hannah is a storyteller, film maker and writer. She spent 15 years working in media, including broadcast production and editing for Channel 4, The Open University, and the Department of Health. She has specialised in public/private sector collaborations, primarily in the health sector. Her self-produced short films have screened at Cannes, Rushes and the BBC Short Film Festival. Hannah works as copywriter and film maker on specific client projects that require strong storytelling.

Roger LeboffRoger Leboff – Writer, PR Consultant, Cartoonist

Roger is a writer and PR consultant, as well as a talented cartoonist. He has enjoyed a 30 year career which has included investment analysis, commercial and investment banking, financial journalism and public and media relations. Roger works on complex writing and research projects, usually for clients in areas of infrastructure investment and property. He also creates wonderful cartoons to illustrate the stories that we tell.

Steve SwinglerSteve Swingler – Graphic Designer

Steve produces graphic design and high impact ideas. He has 20 years’ experience in all areas including advertising, branding, direct-mail, digital, leaflets and posters. Steve is a diligent, patient designer who knows how to partner with customers in order to get the best from the project. His focus ensures projects finish on time and to budget, and he is consistently inventive. Steve leads on Tiger Mouth’s design projects

Hannah JeanHannah Jean – Personal Stylist and Master Style Consultant

Hannah works with our clients who want to develop their personal brand, are looking for fresh ideas with regard to their personal style but are often time-poor in terms of their energy to invest in their wardrobe. Hannah’s role is to finesse their style preferences and ensure that they are aligned to their life goals. She is passionate about the difference image can make, whether on a personal level or in the workplace, she understands how knowing yourself can equip you for life. Her body image work with organisations such as The Prince’s Trust and the Dove self-esteem project enable her to be an active part of changing the status quo.

OK I love the sound of you, how can I get you on my team?

It’s really simple. Click this and take one of the options to make contact. We look forward to getting to know you better.

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