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Christine_Jones_Tiger_MouthHello and welcome to Tiger Mouth.  I’m Christine Jones, a communications specialist, who loves strategy and all things digital.  I help entrepreneurs and organisations to make sense of the modern, digital world and successfully reach and influence their audiences through it.

Our services are for organisations and entrepreneurs alike, who either want a full digital programme, or a one-off project. Organisations often hire me to create their digital and social strategy, and then retain me and my team to manage its implementation. We also run one-off projects, everything from websites to promotional films.

When I created the business in 2008, I wanted to give companies access to communication services that their in-house teams didn’t have the time, bandwidth or experience to handle. As the inception of Tiger Mouth coincided with the tipping point of the social media explosion, it was just what companies needed.

We are constantly evolving to keep our clients at the forefront of digital communications.  Today, our main areas of focus include: digital strategy, social media, employee advocacy programmes, video production, content production, training, web and blog site development, and personal branding; as well as design and brand development, and stakeholder engagement.

Working with Tiger Mouth is your opportunity to go digital, embrace all that’s modern and exciting about communications, and reach those eyeballs that are constantly online. But, you’ll do it with me and my team, who are experienced traditional marketers (yet made the switch to digital early on), who understand your fears, will hold your hand, but encourage you to push your boundaries.

Take a look at the services pages to get a real flavour of what Tiger Mouth offers. Then, send me an email, call me, or connect through social media; so that we can start planning how to get your message in front of the people you most want to influence.

Christine Jones
I created Tiger Mouth in 2008, after a successful career in corporate communications. I spent two years with a London-based PR agency, and then six years with Synstar plc, as their head of investor relations and communications across EMEA. I then headed up the communications function for John Laing plc, where I created a crisis-aware culture throughout the organisation. I am the main point of contact for our clients, provide the strategic input into campaigns, overseeing their implementation, creating content, and providing training to client teams.
Mark Allen
Head of Video
I’m a BAFTA nominated film producer and director. I started my career as a journalist and then became a producer for BBC news and current affairs, and have directed a number of prime time TV shows. One of my first shows ‘The Sound of Music Children;’ won a Royal Television Society award. Later, my multi-award winning ‘Born to Boogie’ DVD on the work of Marc Bolan was described by the trade press as the ‘best music DVD to date’. At Tiger Mouth I oversee all of our film projects, ensuring the story is well told so that it engages the audiences’ hearts and minds.
Ruth Campbell
Production Manager
I’m responsible for the production management of our clients’ projects. This includes managing the shoot schedules and suppliers for video projects, and ensuring that our social media programmes are running effectively. I'm constantly researching material for content, and provide support in its publication and promotion. Prior to joining Tiger Mouth, I enjoyed a successful career in TV production, working for the BBC, Channel 5, The Discovery Channel and MTV. I also run a business that is entirely marketed through social media and online channels.
Hannah Chamberlain
Film maker / storyteller
I am a storyteller, film maker and writer, with 15 years' experience working in media, including broadcast production and editing for Channel 4, The Open University, and the Department of Health. My self-produced short films have screened at Cannes, Rushes and the BBC Short Film Festival. I am also the co-founder of Mental Snapp, an app-based business that enables mental health service users to tell their own stories on video.  At Tiger Mouth I work as copywriter and film maker on specific client projects that require strong storytelling.
Roger Leboff
Writer and PR Consultant
I’ve enjoyed a 30-year career which has included investment analysis, commercial and investment banking, financial journalism and public and media relations.  For Tiger Mouth, I work on writing and research projects, usually for clients in areas of infrastructure investment and property.
Steve Swingler
Graphic Designer
I am an established creative director and graphic designer with over 20 years’ experience, working across the full range of disciplines. I help to maximise ROI with highly competitive and impressive creative. I am patient and diligent, partnering with our clients in order to get the best from the project.
Hannah Jean
Personal Stylist
My role is to finesse the style preferences of our clients and ensure that they are aligned to their life goals. I am passionate about the difference image can make, whether on a personal level or in the workplace, and understand how knowing yourself can equip you for life.
Jasper & Roque
Jasper and Roque are tigers in the care of the Born Free Foundation, formerly Care for The Wild. We’ve worked with the charity in 2009, adopting a tiger for each of our customers, helping to fund their upkeep and playing a small part in helping to support these magnificent animals.

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