Most agree that video storytelling is a must-have for our online digital campaigns, whether we like it or not. But as with all things digital, just as we have grasped one bit of tech along comes another. We now have 4K video production – super, super quality HD… and this is a quick bluffer’s guide to the fuss it’s creating.

Firstly, it’s important to say that this is real. 4K is not like cold fusion or anti-gravity boots; it is super high definition video and it’s here to stay. Millions of 4K televisions have already been sold, YouTube and other online platforms have launched 4K streaming, smartphone, tablet and computer screens are offering it, and those of us in the filming world have had to fork out tens of thousands of pounds to buy new 4K cameras.

But, do YOU need it?  Well you can happily live without out, but why should you when it offers these benefits? :

  1. It looks amazing. It’s four times as good as HD video, giving the same quality as a cinema film; and in a crowded market, why not have videos that look better than your competition?
  2. It ‘shouldn’t’ cost more than regular video. I say ‘shouldn’t’ because of course there are plenty out there who will try and tell you differently. Yes, the production companies have had to buy new kit and it will be the good one’s that have, but that’s not your problem, so don’t pay any more!
  3. Your online platforms should be able to cope and even if they can’t, just ask your video supplier to provide it in the format that your IT department say they can handle. The great advantage is that it will look even better after it’s been reduced back to HD than HD ever did, and you’ve just future-proofed your video assets. If you ever need to project your film onto a big screen, for example at an event, your audience has a real treat in store.
  4. And of course, just offering your video content in 4K means there’s something else to talk about, showing yourself to be ahead of the techno curve.

So, don’t be scared, don’t pay any more for it, go get it and let everyone know that you’ve got it!

p.s. Needless to say, Tiger Mouth supply 4K at no extra cost to you.

By Christine Jones, Tiger Mouth