3 reasons why your business need a blog

If I could sell you a simple tool that marketed your business worldwide, positioned your key people as thought leaders in their respective fields, enabled you to interact with many customers at once, did crazy good things to your search engine optimisation, and had more longevity than any other marketing tool, would you want to know what it was?  Well, plain and simple it’s having a company blog.  Let me explain why a company blog can do all of this (and more) for you.

Marketing tool

Your blog should be a key component of your marketing communications strategy.  Done well, it can complement your other activity and be constantly driving traffic to your website, a place where people can do business with you. Unlike other social tools, it belongs you to and can be the anchor for all your activity. If Twitter were to shut down tomorrow, it would take everything you’ve built on it with it. Not so with your blog. It’s yours to keep, build and be the repository of everything you do.

Positions you as a thought leader

The secret to social media success is to be generous and share with your community. By sharing your (and your colleagues) knowledge, you immediately position yourselves as thought leaders in your field. Usually companies are sitting on so much knowledge, either in people’s heads or in presentations, white papers, reports, etc; that just pulling it together into ‘social’ friendly content would give you the start and confidence you need to signal you have what it takes run a successful corporate blog. And, that’s before you even get started on generating fresh content. All of this combines to showcase the bloggers as experts at what they do and differentiates them against the competition. A potential customer is going to be more influenced by someone giving a little something away for free, because then they can only imagine what goodies you have in store for them when they becoming paying customers. If the same prospect visits a standard website with no dynamic content, no blogs, no thought leadership, no tips, no how-to’s, that company is going to look as flat as their website. Don’t let this be you.

Makes your search engine optimisation crazy good

The Google loves blogs, and indexes them more quickly than other types of content, and if you happen to video blog then you really will be the king of the web as videos pretty much take precedence over everything else.  This is important for many reasons, here’s two: Someone that’s never heard of you before types a term into their search engine, and you’re a match. They come into your site to get the answer to their question, and can start looking around at the rest of your content. You’ve easily warmed up a complete unknown, so that when they start to look at the services you offer, they’re already impressed by you and much more interested in doing business with you. Of course that’s helped with good navigation on the website, but you get the idea. Also, blogs hang around for a long time. A tweet is gone is a few minutes, but a blog will keep working for you for several years. Three years ago I wrote a blog about writing award submissions. It still brings on average 30 visitors a day to my site. That’s almost 11,000 visitors a year just from one blog!

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By Christine Jones