10 reasons to use cartoons on your website

You have your message, now you need to bring it to life. If you want to try something a little different to engage your audience, you may like to consider using a cartoon to reinforce your message. We spoke to Roger Leboff, our favourite cartoonist, who has been working with our clients to produce quirky, memorable, fun and importantly on-message cartoons to tell their story in a slightly different way.

Roger says: “If you can find something which can positively impact your messages that has got to be good. For me the benefits of a cartoon it that it saves you having to write a thousand words, may get a laugh (or at least a wry grin), help distinguish you from your competition and provide one more reason why your customers will remember, recommend and return to your website.

“Here are in no particular order, ten reasons why in my experience cartoons are well worth considering as way to add to your profile.” Cartoons can:

  1. Impact– create strong and immediate visual impact to increase stickability on your site.
  2. Reinforce values– can reinforce brand values and create a fan base through the use of humour.
  3. Directional– can add eye-catching visual cues to direct visitors to other areas of your website such as special promotions or requests for further information.
  4. Encourage repeat visits– especially if regularly updated. This is especially true if this is supported with social media activity eg tweets of latest cartoons, perhaps linked to promotions or simply to reinforce a key business message.
  5. Add personality– caricature/cartoon characters and avatars of staff help customers identify with the people behind the business – and don’t rely on the whole team getting together on one day for a photo shoot.
  6. Customer engagement– can be used to engage with customers in a fun way. For example, you may invite input from site visitors for the future evolution of your characters.
  7. Fresh– prevents the overuse of familiar symbols, especially clipart.
  8. Draw visitors– to your site through use of colourful and original presentation. Use your cartoons on social media sites to help create buzz for your message.
  9. Animations– increase visual impact through the use of animations.
  10. Encourage repeat visits– provide a simple way to evolve the illustrated environment over time. That will help retain interest and encourage repeat visits to your site.

By Christine Jones and Roger Leboff (cartoon by Roger)

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